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Your New Investment Solution

Proprietary Equity & ETF Analytics

Institutional Option Strategies

Non-Biased Customized Research

Advisory and Consulting Services

Volworks sets a new standard by providing investors with unparalleled data-driven research, actionable insights, and customized trade recommendations to improve investment outcomes.


Who Benefits From
Our Services and Solutions

Family Offices



Registered Investment Advisors

Registered Investment Advisors

Asset Managers



Institutional Investors



Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds

Chief Investment Officers & OCIOs

Chief Investment

Officers & OCIOs




We offer tiered subscriptions, advisory and consulting mandates, white-label partnerships, and separately managed accounts.

Investment Objectives Our Solutions Address

  1. Boosting and Amplifying Returns

  2. Income and Yield Enhancement

  3. Hedging Strategies

  4. Speculation and Statistically Favorable Trades

  5. Sector SPDR ETFs Allocation Recommendations

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What makes Volworks different is what makes Volworks better!

  • Our hybrid business model combines our unrivaled technology platform with advisory/consulting services customized for each client.

  • Clients can use the Volworks web-based platform directly or have the Volworks team of professionals do the work for them, generating customized reports, presentations, and trade recommendations.

  • Volworks adds value for investors with equity exposure who:

(1) Currently use options

(2) Are considering incorporating options into their

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investment process

(3) Invest primarily in stocks and ETFs

Problems We're Solving


Investors are drowning in generalized data and generic research. Investors need customized data and research that lead to actionable insights.


Most investors and analysts rely on spreadsheets to model and analyze data. This process is inefficient and isn’t scalable.


Most investors and advisors underutilize options and incorrectly perceive them as too risky.


The investment industry has many excellent technology solutions and solid advisory firms, but no firm excels at both - until now.

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