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Chart and Graph from Volworks Platform

The Volworks Advantage

No other platform, terminal, or advisory solution can match the combination of Volworks proprietary analytics, expert advice, and customized recommendations.

  • Our advisory and consulting services, combined with our proprietary Equity-ETF analytics and options strategy platform, offer a one-of-a-kind integrated solution unmatched in the industry.

  • Our technology platform does the heavy lifting for you. It provides relevant analytics via our interactive and exportable analytics reports, options strategies reports, and customized payoff charts & tables.

  • You don’t have to be a quant or investment analyst, learn a platform-specific programming language, or hire an expensive third-party implementation consultant to realize all the benefits of the Volworks Platform.

  • Our Contextual Expiration Returns™ (CERs) help investors make data-driven decisions, giving them a much-needed edge. Our CERs also help investment professionals customize and determine the optimal option strategy, risk/reward trade-offs, and timing for implementation.

  • Unlike option trading platforms that focus on options prices, Volworks analyzes and presents an array of options strategies, with the relevant return and probability metrics combined with our proprietary payoff and price graphs to help investors make the best decisions based on their unique Risk, Return, & Regret® Profile.

  • Our Options Portfolio Management Solution manages options positions in real-time. It provides key return, risk, and percent of max profit metrics, helping managers and advisors manage and adjust positions optimally.

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